Children's Ministry: Utilizing Non-Weekly and High School Volunteers



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New and first-time volunteers are rarely willing to commit to serving every week of every month. Especially for large and growing children's ministries, this means there aren't enough regular, weekly volunteers to fill the needed positions. Those position vacancies, however, represent a tremendous opportunity for developing future leaders. By effectively utilizing teenagers, parents, and other volunteers who may only be able to serve once a month or less, you can not only fill the position vacancies, but also cultivate new fields for growing and discipling volunteers.

Table of Contents:

Perfect Positions for Part-Timers
Introduce new volunteers through low-commitment, high-impact opportunities.
by Mindy Stoms

Caring for, and Shepherding, the Part-Timer
Invest in your ministry's future weekly volunteers by investing in today's part-timers.
by Mindy Stoms

From Part-Time Server to Future Leader
By developing people with the following traits, you will develop your future staff.
by Mindy Stoms

Incorporating High Schoolers into Children?s Ministry
You?ll be surprised at how much students can contribute, both now and in the future.
by Mindy Stoms

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