Children's Ministry: Recruit and Train Volunteers



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If you've overseen volunteer recruitment, you've probably been tempted to resort to guilt, bribing, or begging. You may have also said, '"I'm sorry, but we don't have anyone else. Could you serve just one more year?"

Recruiting and retaining volunteers doesn't have to be that difficult. A simpler solution begins with creating a culture where your current volunteers grow in ownership, both of the ministry and of the recruiting process.

This tool is adapted from "Got Volunteers?," a PromiseLand Conference workshop by Pat Cimo. PromiseLand is a ministry of the Willow Creek Association.

Table of Contents:

Relational Recruiting
Multiply, rather than add, new volunteers through relationships and community.
Pat Cimo

The Retention Track
Follow these 12 action steps to ensure higher volunteer retention.
Pat Cimo

Top 10 Volunteer Needs
What each volunteer needs to stay with the ministry.
Pat Cimo

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