Children's Ministry: Redirect Misbehavior



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Every child matters to God. He does not make any distinction between his children. Because they matter to him, they matter to us--even the little lost sheep. Church must be a place where children are valued and meeting their needs is top priority. Until we change the way that we see children, our point of view will only lead to frustration. This pack will help you understand the four basic needs of those who misbehave and will help you provide a caring environment to meet those needs.

This tool is adapted from "Behaviors That Bug," a PromiseLand Conference workshop by Susan Shadid. PromiseLand is a ministry of the Willow Creek Association.

Table of Contents:

Prepare for the Training Meeting
Follow these four steps to get ready for the training.
Susan Shadid

Behavior Is Driven by Needs
Realizing this makes us more understanding and effective.
Susan Shadid

Create the Environment
Kids need to feel emotionally and physically safe.
Susan Shadid

Communicate Caring
Children will be more likely to hear what we say when they believe we care for them.
Susan Shadid

Communicate Expectations
Have a strategy ready in advance.
Susan Shadid

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