Children's Ministry: Stage Design for the Large Group Session



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Your large group teaching session provides the stage for creative communicators to capture the children's minds. With a team of creative craftsmen at work as well, the stage you provide can dramatize and enhance the learning experience. A team approach to designing the stage, props, lighting, and sound will make next week's large-group session an experience both teachers and children eagerly anticipate.

This tool is adapted from "Creating a Great Stage Design With Everyday Things" and "Identify the Principles of Great Stage Design," PromiseLand Conference workshops by Dave Huber. PromiseLand is a ministry of the Willow Creek Association.

Table of Contents:

The Principles Behind the Scenes
Why and how a team approach to set design enhances ministry.
Dave Huber

Designing the Physical Space
Effective, engaging stages follow these seven rules of design.
Dave Huber

Three Key Elements of Dramatic Design
With the set in place, it's time to add more dramatic depth.
Dave Huber

The How-To's, Do's, and Don'ts of Stage Design
Heed this practical advice for incorporating dramatic design.
Dave Huber

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