Children's Ministry: Taking It To the Streets



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Many leaders don't feel able or prepared to reach out to people in inner-city communities or rough areas of their towns. There can be a lot of apprehension tied to these efforts. However, you need not be scared to reach out to these communities and the hurting people that live in them. This download will guide you through the process of organizing and leading an effective ministry to children and families in urban neighborhoods.

Table of Contents:

The Purpose of Sidewalk Sunday School
Discover why to hold these outreach events.
Julian Toriz

The Importance of Prayer
Put on the armor of God.
Julian Toriz

Finding a Great Location
Consider your options for where to hold your event.
Julian Toriz

Getting the Word Out
Learn how to let people know about your event.
Julian Toriz

Using Promotions
See how giveaways can enhance your event.
Julian Toriz

The Event Presentation
Find out how to present a Sidewalk Sunday School.
Julian Toriz

Visitation and Follow-Up
Discover how to build relationships in the community.
Julian Toriz

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