Children's Ministry: How to Teach Preschoolers about God



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Preschoolers pose challenges unique to their age group. Each week you encounter attention spans that range from three to five minutes, children who need to get the wiggles out, and kids who think in concrete terms, incapable of abstract thought. And yet, the preschool years are a critical window into the development of a child's personality and soul. By age 7, many children have formed lasting impressions of God, Jesus, and the Bible. Understanding and adapting to how preschoolers learn will enable your ministry to teach in this critical window with creativity, effectiveness, and clarity.

This tool is adapted from "How Do Preschoolers Learn About God?," a Promiseland Conference workshop by Kristin Smith. Promiseland is a ministry of the Willow Creek Association.

Table of Contents:

Know Your Audience, Part I
Turn preschoolers' developmental limitations into opportunities.
Kristin Smith

Know Your Audience, Part II
How children relate to one another will affect how you should relate to them.
Kristin Smith

Creative, Effective Methods for Teaching Preschoolers, Part I
To succeed in teaching, aim your methods at a child's level.
Kristin Smith

Creative, Effective Methods for Teaching Preschoolers, Part II
Proven techniques for drawing preschoolers into the lesson.
Kristin Smith

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