Children's Ministry: What Every Volunteer Needs



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Volunteers often enjoy the work they do. Yet, too many volunteers drop out of the ranks because something is missing. Whether you're recruiting, retaining, or discipling volunteers, anyone who gives their time freely to serve in a church has four basic needs. When you fulfill these needs, your volunteers will serve faithfully and joyfully for years.

This tool is adapted from "What Every Volunteer Needs," a PromiseLand Conference workshop by Lori M. Salomo. PromiseLand is a ministry of the Willow Creek Association.

Table of Contents:

Planting in the Vision Soil
Every volunteer needs to be planted in a fertile field of vision.
Lori M. Salomo

Growing Volunteers
Team members need growth opportunities that help them reach their God-given potential.
Lori M. Salomo

The Fruit of a Volunteer's Labor
Volunteers need to be encouraged by hearing about the fruit that God is producing in their ministry.
Lori M. Salomo

Giving Volunteers Leadership Roots
Volunteers need the stability and example of solid, growing leadership.
Lori M. Salomo

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