Developing an Arts Ministry



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Whether we realize it or not, art plays an integral role in shaping culture, both in and out of the church. If we are not actively engaging the arts in our worship services, we are missing out on a major opportunity to draw people into the story of God and to worship him with the best we have to offer. This involves more than lining up singers and musicians to play on Sunday morning. An effective arts ministry involves a vision for the role of the arts in the church and a plan for ministering not only through but also to the artists in the church.

This 20-page resource will help you discover how to enhance your worship with art and will also help you find and empower artists in your congregation to make beautiful works for the Lord.

"NOTE: You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource to be distributed in a church or educational setting."

Table of Contents:

Worship Architects (free sample)
Why should churches invest in arts ministry?
Steve Smith

The Aim of the Arts
What should the arts accomplish in worship?
Nancy Beach

Why Pastors Need Artists
Lessons from Moses and Bezalel the artist.
Eugene Peterson

Encouraging Creativity
What one creative ministry director says about leading the arts in the church.
An interview with Mario Hernandez

Leading Artists
The joys and struggles of leading creative people.
Rory Noland

The Forgotten Artists
Acknowledge and equip your church?s technical artists.
Trevor McMaken
Arts Ministry Do's and Don'ts
Practical advice for creating art and leading artists.
Steve Smith

$ 14.99

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