Creative Arts Leader Orientation Guide



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The church has had some rocky relations with the arts. Today, many more churches are looking to get creative, but it can be tricky. One big challenge is finding someone who can both coordinate the right-brained members of an arts team and also fit the ministry into the vision of the church. This 26-page training pack offers guidance for the creative arts leaders in your congregation, from how to lead artist-types to the keys to launching an effective drama ministry. Share with them the perspectives of seasoned arts leaders like Nancy Beach and Butch Whitmire. Let the arts--and artists--in your congregation flourish!

Table of Contents:

Leading Artists (free sample)
Five principles for overseeing right-brained team members.
Nancy Beach

What Makes a Good Arts Leader
Churches should look for candidates with these qualities.
by Butch Whitmire, Luann Jennings, and more

Advice from an Experienced Leader
What one creative ministry director says about leading the arts in church.
Interview with Marco Hernandez

Sample Job Description

The Range of Art Forms
Each medium has its strengths and potential shortcomings.
by Kevin J. Navarro

Four Questions for Choosing Material
What to consider when working with arts ideas for your service.
by Nancy Beach

Building a Drama Team
Principles for getting a ministry off the ground.
by Alison Siewert

Launching a Dance Ministry
Suggestions for a leader and church learning how to dance.
by Deena Bess Sherman

Right Brain, Left Brain
Prepare yourself for the challenge of funding your technical needs.
by Lee A. Dean
$ 9.99

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