Becoming a Great Church Board



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How do you lead a church board? What makes an effective board member? These handouts help both pastors and church board members answer these questions. The professionally designed 11 handouts overview many church board activities, like making good decisions, and give you steps to achieve them.

Table of Contents:

How to Build a Great Board (free sample)
Growing godly decision-makers takes intentional effort.
David Hubbard

Build Better Relationships with Your Board
To get along inside the boardroom, you have to start outside.
Chuck Swindoll

Disciple Your Board
Focus on personal relationships to foster spiritual growth.
Richard C. Halverson

Vitalize Board Meetings
Put life and vigor back into the boardroom.
Bruce R. Johnson

Three Key Traits of Effective Boards
Does your board exhibit these traits of church board health?
Larry Osborne

Make Good Board Decisions
Check your motives and your methods with these 10 questions.
Fred Smith

What's Behind Your Decisions?
Values determine decisions. But which values?
Lyle E. Schaller

Overseeing Ministry from the Boardroom
Learning to see the big picture begins with learning to trust.
Larry Osborne

Turn Vision into Reality
Vision happens only when you understand the process.
Ken Blanchard

How to Serve as a Board Member
Take to heart the responsibilities of church leadership.
Church Resources Consortium

$ 14.99

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