Becoming a Great Teacher



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Teaching is vital to developing robust Christians. These articles will strengthen individual teachers and your ministry as a whole.
In this training you will find solid advice from some of the most experienced names in the field. Check out Howard Hendricks's article on how to equip teachers to be their best. Review your options for classroom style with Roberta Hestenes's '"Choosing a Teaching Style." Make your lessons memorable by following Fred Smith's advice. And to learn how to ask the kinds of questions that make a regular class excellent, see '"How to Ask a Great Question."

Table of Contents:

Teaching 101
The basics of the task from an expert in the field.
Howard Hendricks

How to Equip Teachers
Teacher training must be intentional, practical, and relational.
Howard Hendricks

Choosing a Teaching Style
Are you using all the options available to promote learning?
Roberta Hestenes

How to Prepare
Effective teaching starts in the planning stages.
Roberta Hestenes

How to Be Heard
Mastering five overlooked fundamentals of clear communication.
Fred Smith

Making Your Lesson Memorable
How to work on the one-liners that create unforgettable teaching.
Fred Smith

Teaching for the Senses
Some people see what you mean; others need to hear or feel it.
Cinda Gorman

How to Ask a Great Question
Five ways to prepare the part of your class that provokes the most thought.
Roberta Hestenes

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