Becoming Outward Focused



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Download this tool for help identifying those who need to be reached outside of your church, plus assessments to evaluate if your church has the right approach for outreach.

Table of Contents:

Who Are Our Unclean?
Seeing people not as problems but as ministry opportunities.
Eric Reed

Evangelism That Flows
Natural forces drain evangelistic energy, but your church can keep outreach strong.
with Mike Slaughter and Mark Mittelberg

A Healthy Heart for Outreach
5 vital signs.
Nancy Beach

8 Reasons People Don't Share Their Faith
And how to overcome them.
Mark Mittelberg

Churches That Reach Out
7 characteristics of outreach effectiveness.
James D. Berkley

Gathering the Right Information
Practical ways to better understand your community.
Steve Mathewson

Who Owns the Church?
The real owner wants to do something with it.
Cornelius Pantinga, Jr.

Treating Visitors as Guests
Two strategies for making a new person feel welcome.
Jim Tomberlin

Connect with Today's Postmodern People
3 major shifts can be used to advance the claims of Christ.
Rick Richardson

Turn the Church Inside Out
Attenders become disciples when they minister to hurting people.
Charles Roesel

People Who Need People
Ministry happens when God's deep compassion meets the world's deep need.
Roger Barrier

$ 14.99

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