Assessment Pack: Evaluating Your Church's Teaching



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How's your church's education department? Maybe you need to see how effective your classes are. Maybe your teachers need a refresher. Maybe you just need to recruit better teachers or change up your class schedule. Use these assessments to find out where your church's teaching needs improvement. Find the help you need to make the best possible learning environment you can for your congregation.

Table of Contents:

Is Your Church Reaching Adults?
Educational ministries are not just for kids; they?re for adults too.
Roberta Hestenes

Well-Rounded Best Practices
How does your church measure up?
John Cionca

Overcoming Obstacles
Do what you can to create positive attitudes and well-equipped teachers in your church.
John Cionca

Training People to Teach
Does your church have an effective program to equip teachers?
Howard Hendricks

Recruiting with Excellence
Are you bringing new teachers on board the right way?
Roberta Hestenes

Too Many Classes?
A self-test to determine if it?s time to get out the pruning shears.
Eddy Hall

An Annual Review
Nine questions to ask your classes on a regular basis.
Eddy Hall

A Classroom Evaluation
Assess the learning environment with this worksheet.
John Cionca

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