Church Facilities Manager Orientation Guide



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A church facility is a ministry tool. Equip your leaders, and especially those who are focused on the facilities, to serve with care, efficiency, and skill.

Table of Contents:

The Church Is a Building
Of course it's much more than a building, but it still is a building.
Robert H. Welch

The Backbone of Facilities Management
Policies and procedures are a vital part of running a building.
William G. Caldwell

An Overview of Management and Maintenance
Review the basics of running a church facility.
Robert H. Welch

Advice from an Experienced Leader
Build confidence as you learn what a property manager's role looks like.
an interview with Howard Kern

Sample Job Descriptions
Explanations of what it means to be a facility director or church custodian

Facilities Care 101
Two experts weigh in on the primary concerns of facilities personnel.
Richard Shaw and Robert H. Welch

Creating a Maintenance Checklist
Schedule these tasks on a regular basis.
Kevin M.Quinley

Sample Maintenance Checklist
Use this sample checklist for the basic maintenance needs of your facility.

Working on a Schedule
How to plan tasks and re-cast your responsibilities.
Robert H. Welch

The Well-Supplied Custodian
Excellence requires these tools.
Robert H. Welch

How to Lower Utility Costs
Facilities cost money to run, but they don't need to cost too much.
Andrew Rudin

Prayer List
Use this form to help you focus your individual and staff prayer time.

$ 9.99

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