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Believe that God has given you something that you can pass on and share with another, and be willing to do so when the opportunity arises, says Doug Stewart at the end of his interview in this resource. Stewart has been a mentor throughout his life, but for a long time he didn't realize it. Now that he does, he sees his mentoring as a "skill" or "posture" that he must cultivate.
This orientation guide can help the mentors in your church--conscious or unconscious--cultivate their postures. And if you have a mentoring program, or are hoping to start one, these materials can help your church establish and communicate its expectations for participants.

Table of Contents:

The Role of a Mentor
Understanding what a mentor is and does.
Earl Palmer

Advice from an Experienced Leader
One mentor shares his thoughts on establishing effective mentoring relationships.
Doug Stewart

Sample Job Description

Three Kinds of Mentoring (free sample)
Different types of relationships require different kinds of skills.
Fred Smith

Qualities of a Good Mentor
A good mentor should develop these characteristics.
Fred Smith

Traits of a Good Mentee
Look for these five traits in the people you mentor.
Fred Smith

Beginning the Mentoring Relationship
Consider this advice for starting and maintaining mentoring relationships.
Earl Palmer

Checklist for Relationship Building
Focus on relationship, growth, and development with your prot‚g‚s.
Life Together

Signs of Fruitful Mentoring
Use this assessment to gauge how your relationship is progressing.
Fred Smith

Prayer List
$ 9.99

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