Church Board Member Orientation Guide



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This guide to helps you make new members feel welcome, provides orientation and training on new responsibilities, and helps increase leadership competency in new church board members.

Table of Contents:

Orienting New Board Members
Focusing on these ten procedures will get newcomers off to a promising start.
Richard Hammar

Getting Up to Speed
You are in a position to become a change agent while learning the ropes.
R. Stephen Warner

Advice From an Experienced Leader
Build confidence as you learn the roles and responsibilities of serving on the board.
An interview with Jim Buick

Sample Job Description

A Code of Conduct for Board Members
Share your opinions, listen with care, and get down into the trenches of church life.
Stephen Bly

Making Great Decisions (free sample)
You will be faced with hundreds of choices. Here's how to make the best ones.
Lyle Schaller

Church Governance by the Books
Board members need to be aware of which church records are needed and why.
Richard Hammar

Practice Strategic Planning
Participate in creating a board vision that will help take your church forward.
Michael R. Baer

Starting At the Top
What to remember if you find yourself appointed chairman of the board.
David Hubbard

Prayer List

$ 9.99

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