Elder/Deacon Orientation Guide



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Discover what it takes to serve on an elder or deacon board, and what to look out for.

Table of Contents:

The Role of an Elder
Four characteristics that set elders apart from other church leaders.
by Phil A. Newton

The Role of a Deacon
These leaders serve the church in practical ways.
by Benjamin L. Merkle

Advice from an Experienced Leader
Learn what a veteran elder has discovered during his tenure.
Interview with Bruce Howard

Sample Job Descriptions

Healthy Board, Healthy Church
Every church needs a strong board, united in purpose.
by Marshall Shelley

Walking in Step
Elders and ministers can lead successfully together if they share these four priorities.
by Ben Merold

How to Make Decisions
Eight tips for resolving disagreements.
by Benjamin L. Merkle

Tips for Better Board Meetings
Six ways to make your meetings more productive.
by Dean Merrill and Marshall Shelley

Emergency Benevolence for Church Members
Wisely distribute to those in need.
by John Throop

How to Calculate Your Budget
Some guidelines for a successful plan.
by Robert H. Welch

Prayer List

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