Building Blocks of an A/V Ministry



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Run this nuts-and-bolts guide by your veteran techies to see what they can glean from it. Or if they're still picking up the A/V basics, this resource can jumpstart their effectiveness.

Table of Contents:

Audio/Visual Details for Engaging Worship
Five elements to make your audio/visual ministry more effective.
by Branon Dempsey

What to Look for When Shopping for a Video Camera
Understanding the benefits--and costs--of new cameras.
by Jay Delp

The ABCs of LEDs
We've entered a new age of lighting technology.
by Mike Schreiter

A Growing Ensemble
Worship presentation software continues to evolve, while no-cost options emerge.
by Warren Rachele

The Roster of a Winning Media Ministry
Structure your audio/visual teams to suit your ministry.
by Len Wilson and Jason Moore

Life Support
When your A/V maintenance budget dies, so will your equipment.
by Kent Morris

$ 14.99

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