Discipling Emerging Adults



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The crisis of "leavers"--20-somethings who leave the church after high school and never return--has led to a renewed focus on outreach to the Millennial generation. But another critical component of the church's response has to be a plan for discipling and mentoring those who do return. Postmodernism and pop culture have shaped the emerging generation in ways that require a creative approach to the traditional discipleship structure.

This 19-page resource will help you identify the particular issues and challenges of the Millennial generation and practical tips on how to help them grow toward spiritual maturity and embrace positions of leadership.

Table of Contents:

The Gospel for Millennials
Understanding how Millennials view themselves and the world so that we can effectively speak the gospel into their lives.
Scot McKnight

Postmodern Spirituality (free sample)
Lessons learned in evangelism and Christianity while serving a cynical generation.
Brett Lawrence

Steps to Making Whole Disciples
The challenge for today's church is making whole disciples out of broken people.
Erwin McManus

Pastors Who Reach Young People
It's not enough to delegate; pastors must connect with young people personally.
Sam and Thom Rainer

Leading Emerging Adults to Repentance
Emerging adults want to repent of their sins; show them how.
Dan Kimball

Bringing Millennials into Leadership
How to shape ministry models that fit them.
Jim Schmotzer

Challenges for Young Leaders
Understanding the obstacles confronting young leaders.
interview with Steve Rabey

$ 14.99

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