Discipling in a Digital Age



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For better and for worse, technology has changed everything about the way we live--even, and perhaps especially, in the church. As a "digital native" generation rises into leadership and looks for discipleship and mentoring, they bring with them a new set of issues and challenges. Understanding how technology shapes the way we think and communicate, and how our brains operate in this new world, will change the way you disciple and lead.

This 21-page resource includes articles from seasoned ministry veterans that will help you guide and lead effectively amid digital distraction, hyperconnectedness, and social media savvy.

Table of Contents:

Discipling the Hyper-Connected
How to move a distracted generation toward Christ.
Chris Maxwell

Neuroscience and Discipleship
Understanding brain science helps us disciple others.
John Ortberg

Engaged and Incarnate
Have we lost the rich implications of embodiment in a "rootless, disengaged, and screen-addicted" world?
Interview with Michael Frost

Communicating with the Brain in Mind
How neuroscience can help us engage people in an age of distraction.
Charles Stone

Leading Distracted People
5 ways to de-clutter ministry without losing impact.
Adam Stadtmiller

$ 14.99

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