Innovative Ministries



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If you feel God's sometimes not-so-gentle nudges toward filling certain needs in your community, your church, or anywhere on the globe, but feel overwhelmed by what you can do about it, this download will help. In these pages are inspiring stories of women and men who've seen a need and met it?often in creative, God-inspired ways. Along with inspiration and ideas, these stories offer some practical insight into the logistics of how the ministries were launched.

Table of Contents:

Mrs. Dudley Goes to the 'Hood
How a white, suburban mother helped transform and inner-city black community.
Edward Gilbreath

Cristo in the Heartland
Across the nation, Latino pastors like Orel Garcia are leading immigrant ministries in the most unlikely places.
Libby Page

Prostitute Murders Spur Ministry
Vancouver Christians rescue women lost on streets.
Debra Fieguth

It's Not Oprah's Book Club
A novel approach to launching a small groups ministry.
Randy Hasper

Launching a Singles Ministry
6 leaders share their tried-and-true tips.
the editors

Launching Something New in an Old Church
Two approaches to introducing a new ministry.

Moms in Ministry
No, that's not an oxymoron, just a challenge. Meet five mothers who've made it work.
Pamela Shires Sneddon

Brave New World
How empty-nesters turn their season of life into exciting ministry opportunities.
Vicki Edwards

$ 7.99

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