Ministry for Today's Women



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Running women?s ministries is a tough job, for so many reasons. Not the least of which is that churches today still fail to recognize that women are not all the same, do not all have the same needs, and can?t be ministered to in a cookie-cutter approach. Because we believe in the importance of ministry to women and the good work of women?s ministry leaders, we at Gifted for Leadership created this booklet. We?ve designed it to offer you some honest opinions on the way things look today, some ideas of what women would like to see, and some encouragement and wisdom to make it happen.

Table of Contents:

Why I Don't Do Women's Ministry
How shallow, one-dimensional ministries fail to reach.
Amy Simpson, Camerin Courtney, and Tracey Bianchi

Invisible Christian Women
Why do I feel like an outsider at many women's ministry functions?
Camerin Courtney

Introducing the 21st Century Woman
How is she different from women of the past and how can the Church impact her eternity?
Tamara Rice

Women's Ministry that Works
How to reach women in ways that don't uproot them.
Tracey Bianchi

Why Women Resist Community
How to overcome obstacles that keep women at bay.
Nancy Barton

How We Revitalized Our Women's Group
A fresh approach and open mind made all the difference.
Denise Farrar with Judie Amen

Ministries Among Today's Women
Reaching women means aiming at moving and multiple targets.
Naomi Gaede-Penner

Ideas for Women's Ministry
Thoughts to get you thinking.
Amy Simpson, Camerin Courtney, and Tracey Bianchi

$ 7.99

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