Ministry to Young Families



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Young families bring vibrant life to our congregations. As churches, we want to bless both these parents and children.

This 23-page resource will help you understand how to meet some of the needs of young families. One assumption we made in assembling these articles is that children's ministry should not be a substitute for a parent's spiritual influence; rather, a ministry empowers parents and then comes alongside to play a supporting role in their children's formation. These materials will help your church become stronger partners with the parents in its congregation.

Table of Contents:

How to Instill a Biblical Worldview in Kids
Ten ways to help them learn to think truthfully.
Jim Wideman

How Do You Handle Misbehavior?
Give your preschool volunteers these guidelines.
Beth Bauer, Andrea Minor, and Kristin Smith

The Four E's
One church's plan for teaching its children, from the nursery to high school.
Brian Vander Ark

Building Trust with Parents Early On
Parents of infants and toddlers will appreciate you for taking these steps.
Otis Price

Getting on the Same Page with Parents
Communicate your mission and listen.
Jean Jespersen

Connecting Parents to the Ministry (free sample)
Eight ways you can encourage parents to partner with you.
Becky Arthur

When Families Serve Together
A few ministry areas in which parents and children can team up.
Dick Gruber

Being a Second Voice for Preteens
Learn how your church can stand behind parents.
Jim Kast-Keat

Single -- with Children
How churches can help single parents.
Barbara Schiller

Noble Masculinity
Minister to families by building up fathers.
Interview with Robert Lewis

$ 14.99

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