The 2017-2018 Guide to New Church Models



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Understand the Quickly Expanding Universe of Ministry Innovation

This special report provides you with an overview of the model-rich landscape of church ministry and the ways in which churches are connecting like never before. We’ll introduce you to fresh strategies and check in with the pioneers of tried-and-true methods to get a better picture of what’s working and why. Discover the benefits and challenges of each model, and then apply what works best in your context.

  • Would a merger be right for this congregation?
  • Why would a church of one denomination help to plant one of a different denomination?
  • What in the world is Dinner Church, and how could its concepts help us?

The quickly expanding universe of ministry innovation can be confusing and intimidating. That's why we spoke with the key figures shaping what it looks like to do ministry in the US. What they told us will help you decide which strategies will best serve your congregation.

You'll learn about several models and strategies including:

The City Parish
Australian pastor Jon Tyson found his ministry voice in the neighborhoods of New York City. His church model allows other leaders to find theirs.

Dinner Church
We spoke with Verlon Fosner about how a shared meal can reach people unlikely to attend a traditional church service.

Missional Communities
Is this movement the church’s best hope for disciple-making in a post-Christian US?

Interdenominational Networks
These congregations are uniting across traditions to serve as the Church in their cities.

In a short time, having more than one site has become a new normal. Dave Ferguson, a pioneer of the model, predicts where it’s headed.

Church Mergers
Jim Tomberlin explains why an option once seen as a failed strategy is now giving many congregations a new lease on life.

An Anglican-Baptist Church Plant
Why would two distinctly different denominations work together? And what have they learned?

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