Vacation Bible School



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Summertime means it's time for vacation Bible school. But every year poses its challenges. How can we find enough volunteers? And can we trust them with our kids? Which curriculum should we use? Can we run the program on a reduced budget?

This 23-page training tool can help answer these questions. Give it to anyone who plans, or just pitches in with, the VBS program in your church.

Table of Contents:

Attracting Volunteers
Learn what kinds of appeals are most effective.
by Jim Braniff

10 Questions for a Curriculum
How to evaluate new materials before investing.
by Wilma Wiersma

Creative Ideas for VBS
How some churches have boosted or reworked their summer programs.
by Mike Neifert, David Howieson, and others

Getting More Out of Your VBS Kits
Four ways to make these resources last for more than five days.
by Lynda Freeman

Stretching the Dollars
How churches can cut costs on VBS.
by Kathryn Lay

Recruiting Safe Workers
How to protect your VBS kids from sexual abuse.
by James F. Cobble, Jr.

Safety Checklist
Assess your practices before VBS starts.
by Jeff Hanna

When VBS is Over
Follow up to give your program a lasting impact.
by Lynda Freeman

7 Questions to Ask Before Committing to VBS (free sample)
What you need to consider as you make this year's plans.
Heather Dunn

$ 14.99

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