Assessment Pack: Reaching Out to Singles



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The assessments in this download will help you measure various aspects of your singles ministry as well as the attitudes that shape it. The articles here will bring you face-to-face with the trends and traps of single-adult ministry.

Table of Contents:

Launching an Effective Ministry to Singles
Don't try to be all things to all singles.
Charles Arn

Preparing for Launch
Great singles ministry establishes and follows a set of foundational principles.

No Ministry Is an Island
Develop and coordinate a singles ministry that is grafted into the entire church.
Bill Flanagan

Focused and Faithful
The essential task of singles ministry is to help build lives centered on Christ.
Bill Flanagan

Single With Children
Find ways to value those who have to carry the load of parenting by themselves.
Barbara Schiller

Attitude Adjustments
Are our singles considered abnormal or as essential parts of the congregation?
Dennis Franck

The Realities of Single-Adult Ministry
Be clear about the actual lives of single adults and the best ways to meet their needs.
Michael Anthony

Welcome to the Family
There are many kinds of single people, but they all want to feel included in the fold.
Dennis Franck

$ 9.99

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