Assessing Church Needs



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This tool will help your leaders appraise accurately various aspects of your church. In the interview handout Kennon Callahan, nationally known church consultant, explains clearly how to match the strengths of your church with key objectives to move ahead.

Table of Contents:

Lemons into Lemonade
Sometimes progress requires failure.
John Beukema

What's Our Emphasis?
Helping a church build momentum.
Daniel Pawley

The Success of Failure
How weakness can turn into strength.
Eugene Peterson

Wise to the Times
The key to taking risks is understanding your local community.
Leith Anderson

Called to What?
Getting specific about our church's future.
Marshall Shelley

Strategic Planning Made Simple
The first step toward thinking about next year.
Michael R. Baer

Do We Have Too Many Meetings?
Questions to assess our church calendar.
Paul Caminiti

Signs of a Healthy Church
A checklist to measure our church's system.
Don Cousins

Determining Ministry Needs
Maximize resources by answering these questions.
Larry W. Osborne

Calling Plays the Players Can Run
How to create objectives that build on your church's strengths.
interview with Kennon Callahan

$ 14.99

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