Communicating and Initiating Change



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Change is integral to any ministry, but, as any church leader can attest, it is very rarely received without resistance. Change is difficult and it is often scary. An effective leader must anticipate the concerns that may arise and communicate the change in such a way that will ease the transition. And the first few steps are the most important, as people come to understand and take ownership of the vision.

This 18-page resource will help you get everyone on board as you introduce change in your church.

Table of Contents:

Before You Introduce Change
Vision casting isn't step one, or even step two.
Bruce Boria

Smooth the Way for Change
Four steps to help you avoid unnecessary battles.
Larry Osborne

How to Change Your Church
Consider these key ingredients for leading your church through change.
Mark Dever

Ten Tips for Navigating Change
How to remain cool, calm, and objective throughout the process.
Margaret Marcuson

Lay-Initiated Change
How can your volunteer leaders best initiate change?
Naomi Gedde-Penner

A Fly Fisherman's Guide to Change
Encouraging change is about casting a line into a distant pool to see who bites.
Thomas Bandy

$ 14.99

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