Core Values



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Sometimes it is hard for church leaders to know why they do what they do. What are the values that shape the church and affect how ministry is conducted? This theme will help church leaders identify and develop values that influence the culture and activities of the church. Articles include an interview with three leading pastors, including Randy Frazee of Pantego Bible Church in Arlington, Texas, about church "climate"--the atmosphere or feel of a church--and what leaders can do to alter it.

Table of Contents:

Master Craftsman at Work
How God shapes our souls.
Randy Working

Walking Our Talk
What's really important.
Randy Working

Audit Your Personal Ministry Values
Determining what really counts.
Aubrey Malphurs

The Good Value Test
Is your church building the right foundation?
Aubrey Malphurs

Discover Your Church's Values
The nitty-gritty of what we believe.
Aubrey Malphurs

What Do We Value?
Clarifying what undergirds our ministry.
Steven D. Mathewson

Chapter and Verse
Is Sunday school biblical?
James D. Berkley

Climate Control
Values for a healthy church atmosphere.
with Gary Fenton, Randy Frazee, and Gary Simpson

Values Clarification
How the early church dealt with undisciplined rumblings.
Gordon MacDonald

Christ-Centered Mindset
How to create want-to, can-do workers.
Sue Mallory

$ 14.99

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