Church Health Assessment Pack



$ 9.99
What makes a healthy church? What is your church's vision and goals? What do you communicate to others? These are some questions all churches should ask to determine their health. Use these handouts in your leaders' meetings to give your ministries a check-up.

Table of Contents:

Marks of Church Health
Four questions to probe our church's fitness.
John S. Savage

What's at Our Core?
Measuring our church on the fundamentals.
John S. Savage

Becoming a Truly Honest Church
What does our church really communicate?
Jim Abrahamson

Five Signals That Change Is Needed
Symptoms of underlying issues.
Donald Gerig and Gary Litwiller

Signs of a Tight Ship
Six ways to measure our church's system.
Don Cousins

Ministry Needs Checkup
Four questions to maximize resources.
Larry W. Osborne

$ 9.99

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