Developing an Emotionally Healthy Church



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Anyone who has gone looking to the church as a home of perfect people immune from the problems of the secular world knows that this is, sadly, far from reality. Too often we neglect emotional health and maturity in the discipleship process, at the expense of spiritual growth.

This 20-page resource is designed to help you assess and address the spiritual health and maturity in yourself, your leaders, and your congregation so you can move together toward emotional and spiritual maturity.

Table of Contents:

Imbalanced Spirituality
Are we aware of the emotional health of ourselves and our churches?
Peter Scazzero

Seven Principles of an Emotionally Healthy Church
Use these guidelines to determine the emotional health of your church.
Peter Scazzero

Survival Skills
What you need to minister with your spirit intact.
James Emery White

Beating the Pastoral Blues (free sample)
The effects of emotional immaturity on a life.
Peter Scazzero

Maintaining Your Psychological Balance
How a counseling pastor preserves his emotional health.
Jim Smith

The Emotional Reservoir
Four areas to focus on.
Dr. John Kimball

13 ways to refresh your soul.
Skye Jethani

$ 14.99

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