Church Health



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Who better to speak to your leaders about church health than Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Community Church? Just photocopy the interview with Warren and lead your team in a discussion on the health of your church. Also benefit from four different assessments you can use to gauge church health, plus how-to articles, including one written by Leith Anderson.

Table of Contents:

What's at Our Core?
Measuring our church on the fundamentals.
Donald Bubna, Keith Walker, & Jim VanYperen

Becoming a Truly Honest Church
What does our church really communicate?
Jim Abrahamson

5 Signals That Change Is Needed
Symptoms of underlying issues.
Donald Gerig & Gary Litwiller

Marks of Church Health
4 questions to probe our church's fitness.
John S. Savage

What's the Big Picture
Recognizing God at work can help overcome low morale.
Steve Bierly

Everything to Some People
Should a church try to please everyone?
Richard Doebler

Comprehensive Health Plan
Recognizing the difference between growth and health.
with Rick Warren

Leaning into the Future
How to redirect a church.
Leith Anderson

Filling in the Cracks
Filling in the Cracks
Calvin C. Ratz

$ 14.99

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