Developing Vision



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A strong vision is essential to any successful ministry: this is not news to anyone who has ever tried to accomplish anything without a clear purpose or goal with concrete plans for reaching it. But how do you begin the process of developing and refining a vision that will set you up for success?

This 23-page resource offers biblical reflection, wisdom from experienced pastors, and practical tips on how to identify, shape, and refine your ministry's vision.

Table of Contents:

We Can Do Better
Our best dreams call people to live their faith in the midst of the watching world.
Sally Morgenthaler

Even Healthy Churches Need to Change
Why change is necessary for growth.
H. Dale Burke

Preparing Your Congregation for Change
Successful change requires beginning well.
Bruce Boria

What It Means to Do Well
God's plans for your church may be bigger than you imagine.
John Ortberg

Developing Vision When You're Not a Visionary
Six methods for catching a vision.
Kevin Miller

From My Vision to Our Vision
Principles for developing vision as a group.
Paul Ford

Reading the Resistance
Resistance to change comes for a variety of reasons.
Wayne Schmidt

Making Vision Stick
How to keep the church's passion for ministry from deflating.
Andy Stanley

A Church Reborn
You must die as a church and be reborn as a mission.
Walt Kallestad

$ 14.99

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