Character of a Leader



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This theme begins with the riveting interview on integrity with Chuck Swindoll, veteran pastor and seminary president. Also, find a devotional from Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, as he discusses the dangers of "spiritual vitality."

Table of Contents:

What Is My Character as a Leader?
8 questions to answer
Dave Goetz

Am I an Ethical Leader?
How to set up safeguards.
Archibald Hart

Conducting a Spiritual Audit
12 questions to keep your personal accounts in order.
Fred Smith

Am I Prepared for Difficulty?
4 character traits for tough times
James D. Berkley

Hope for the Dry Times
Can you still lead when you don't feel spiritual?
James D. Berkley

The Awkward Nominee
When should leaders speak up?
Larry Osborne

Everyone Needs Accountability
Why the small things matter.
Bill Hybels

How Pure Must a Church Leader Be?
Becoming a person of integrity
with Chuck Swindoll

Character the Old-Fashioned Way
Six ways to grow as a Christian leader.
Fred Smith

$ 14.99

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