Finding New Leaders



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Stop Struggling to Find Good Leaders

Do you feel like the leadership pipeline at your church has dried up and you have no more potential leaders?

The Finding New Leaders training tool helps you find leaders in unexpected places throughout your congregation and match them with the appropriate roles to start turning your leadership deficit into a leadership surplus.

You’ll learn how to identify and cultivate 4 types of potential leaders:

  • Natural leaders
  • Reluctant leaders
  • Situational leaders
  • Undeveloped leaders

Stop waiting for leaders to stand up and announce themselves and dig deeper to spot and cultivate potential leaders who want to use their gifts to serve God. Leaders are there! Finding New Leaders will teach you how to identify them.

Take your team through seven flexible and easy to use sessions, and you’ll walk away with:

  • A list of potential leaders in your congregation from which to recruit.
  • An assessment to evaluate leadership candidates.
  • A clearer understanding of the leadership needs in your church.
  • A strategy to create a leadership pipeline for ongoing development of future leaders.

Finding New Leaders will help you find the right people for the right roles to help your church grow its kingdom influence.

Session Overview

Session 1: Struggling to Find Good Leaders
How are you at identifying leaders to meet those needs? This session will lay the groundwork and set the expectations for the training to follow. Includes insight from Bob Russell and Stuart Briscoe and an assessment to evaluate your church’s current leadership needs.

Session 2: Spying New Leaders
This session covers the basics for learning to look for leadership potential in people. Participants will think back through their own leadership development and apply those memories to their current leadership search. Includes insight from Angela Yee.

Session 3: Identifying Natural Leaders
Can you spot innate leadership potential? The things you’re looking for in leaders may not be the best place to start. Includes insight from Don Cousins and an assessment from Fred Smith Sr. to help your church identify leadership potential.

Session 4: Identifying Reluctant Leaders
Those with natural leadership ability sometimes need a nudge in the right direction. This session will teach you how to do just that. Includes insight from Karen L. Miller and a Bible study to help you bring God’s Word to bear on this topic.

Session 5: Identifying Situational Leaders
Sometimes six one-bullet leaders are better than one six-bullet leader. By giving more people fewer leadership tasks, you will get people off the pews and into active church service, and you will make sure important balls aren’t dropped by overloaded staff members. Includes insight from Clark Cothern and a tool to help you pair leadership tasks in your church with the best people for the job.

Session 6: Identifying Undeveloped Leaders
When no one seems qualified to lead, remember that most people need significant investment before they look like the leaders we picture in our heads. This session will help you learn to pour into people who might not be ready to lead right now, but could be mega-influencers with a little bit of help. Includes insight from Mark Jobe and a case study from Gordon MacDonald about finding leadership in unlikely places.

Session 7: Creating Leadership Pipelines
What can your church do to plant seeds now to grow more leaders in the future? After reading about one church’s approach to developing multiple generations of disciple-making leaders, participants will brainstorm options for creating leadership pipelines for your own church. Includes insight from Rick Lowry, Lane Severson, and Michael J. Rubino.

$ 24.99 $ 19.99

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