Redefining Success



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How do you define success? Church attendance? Financial status? Use this theme to see how God defines success and how you can put that knowledge to work in your church. You'll find helpful articles, comprehensive assessments, case studies, a devotional, and plenty of how-tos to help redefine and hone the mission and operations of your church and its leaders. Use them for your next meeting or retreat-just make as many copies as you need and hand them out.
Also, be sure to take a look at the corresponding, newly formatted PowerPoint presentation to add a new dimension to meetings and retreats.

Table of Contents:

Success in the Eyes of God
Success isn't about accomplishments; it's about faithfulness to God's calling.
Chris Blumhofer

What Is Success?
Five church leaders offer their thoughts on growth, success, and faithfulness.
interview with John Huffman, Ben Patterson, Verard Eller, Peter Wagner, and Larry DeWitt

Pushed to Be Omni-Competent
Doing ministry well means monitoring expectations and building a strong team.
Ed Dobson

An Attitude Check
Evaluate your attitude toward success, failure, and faithfulness.
Ben Patterson

Freedom from the Crowds
Sunday morning attendance is a dangerous way to measure success.
Craig Brian Larson

Success in Context
We all carry expectations into ministry, and they can make or break our experience.
Jeff Shirle

Faith to Face "Failure"
God calls some people to ministries of tedious mediocrity.
byVernon C. Grounds

Avoiding the Comparison Trap
One-upmanship can seduce leaders and bring them down.
Craig Brian Larson

Dropping the Mask
Successful spiritual leaders can admit their faults, if they do it right.
Dave Stone

Priorities for Success
The difference between success and failure can be a matter of motivation.
Ted Engstrom

Our Failure, God's Success
God may see an accomplishment where we see only frustration.
Kent and Barbara Hughes

Ring-True Ministry
Serving God well requires us to serve according to our gifts.
Craig Brian Larson

$ 14.99
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