Leveraging the Strengths of Small Churches



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Small churches are uniquely equipped for ministry success in the twenty-first century, writes Brandon O'Brien in this resource. "They have many advantages over their larger counterparts, strengths specific to their size and situations that make them capable of doing effective ministry in a way that is difficult for larger churches to imitate. The trouble is, smaller congregations often behave like larger churches."

This 19-page resource has articles that offer insights and practices to help you build your ministry on the inherent strengths of a small church.

Table of Contents:

The Strengths of Small Churches
Leveraging your church's strengths begins with rethinking success.
Brandon O'Brien

The Value of Authenticity
Why smaller churches can keep it real.
Brandon O'Brien

Becoming an Authentic Church
A few suggestions for letting your true self shine.
Chuck Warnock

Integrating Youth in the Life of the Church
Intergenerational ministry sets students on a trajectory of lifelong faith and service.
Kara Powell

Let the Little Children Come
These churches are learning to welcome children into their worship and mission.
Angie Ward

Scaling Back Strategically
Be intentional in the way you plan your church's programs.
Brandon O'Brien

Finding What Works
Streamlining programming means doing fewer things better.
Chuck Warnock

Equipping the Saints
Help your congregants take ownership of the church's ministry.
Chuck Warnock

$ 14.99 $ 9.99

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