Setting Expectations



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When you're in ministry, everyone wants something different from you. The pressure to be all things to all people, the tension between keeping others happy and making the best decisions both for them and for the ministry, and the fear of failure can keep you from living out your God-given calling. This resource helps you manage the external expectations that come from every direction and set realistic expectations for yourself and others.

Table of Contents:

Failure or Fraud?
God knows you're not perfect; he called you to lead anyway.
Mark Labberton

Unreasonable Expectations
Neither a church nor a pastor can satisfy every person's disappointment.
Wayne Cordeiro

Redefining Success
The measure of success is to know God by obeying him.
John S. Dickerson

A God-Centered Vision
Let go of your own expectations and give your role the weight God gives it.
Sharon Hodde Miller

Leading by Failure
Leading people in new directions means disappointing them in some ways.
Michael Binder

Beyond the Stereotypes
How embracing those irritating pastor stereotypes can make you better.
Kevin A. Miller

Maximizing Ministry
Let your God-given gifts guide your ministry.
Bob Moeller

$ 14.99

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