Connecting Service and Evangelism



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Some churches are great at evangelism. They reach out to the unchurched or the ex-Christians and make clear God's love for them using words that touch hearts. Other churches are great at service, and attentively care for the needs of their community. But few churches are good at doing both at once. The gospel of Jesus Christ encompasses God's response to every dimension of human experience and need, and churches need not sacrifice evangelism in favor of service (or vice versa).

This 28-page resource will help you consider ways to serve your community while still preaching the gospel of Christ.

Table of Contents:

Finding Biblical Balance
A faithful witness includes both service and evangelism.
Drew Dyck

Gospel-Centered Service
Is the new emphasis on service biblical?
Mark Labberton

To Change a City
Before we could change our neighbors, we had to change our church.
Robert Lewis

How Service Leads People to Jesus
Church leaders discuss how service intersects with evangelism.
Lee Strobel, Rich Nathan, Mark DeYmaz

Serving in Small Towns
Outreach in a small town requires a different approach.
Steve Sjogren

Small Group Projects
Follow these steps to make the most of group service projects.
Keri Wyatt Kent

Partnering with the Community
Churches rediscover their neighborhoods as fertile mission fields.
Paul Pastor

Avenues of Influence
Christians are not powerless pawns; we're called to be salt and light.
John R. W. Stott

$ 14.99

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