Capital Fundraising



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If your church needs to plan and complete a capital fundraising project, these handouts will help you answer some of the key questions, including What elements are involved in a capital fundraising campaign? and How much money will it take to realize our vision?

Table of Contents:

Timeline of a Capital Campaign
How to plan to make a dream come true.
John R. Throop

How Much Can You Raise?
Be realistic in your expectations.
Randy Bishop

3 Ways to Fund Your Vision
How to find the money you need to build.
Stephen Chawaga

Should You Use a Fundraising Consultant?
Consultants can be the key to a successful fundraising campaign.
Kevin A. Miller

Campaigns in the Face of Uncertainty
Economic uncertainty can help you rethink your fundraising plans?with surprising results.
Jennifer Schuchmann

When Giving Is Down
Specific ways to increase donations.
Jennifer Schuchmann

Finding Donations from Additional Sources
Making your needs known enlarges your donor base.
Gary A. De Bois

When a Bank Loan Is Better Than Fundraising
In some circumstances, it makes sense to borrow.
Thomas Greer and Mike Schreiter

Church Loan FAQ
Answers to your church loan questions.
Jennifer Schuchmann

Typical Church Debt
How does your church compare?
John C. LaRue, Jr.

$ 14.99

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