Erase Your Church's Red Ink



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What happens when a church experiences a financial downturn? What exactly does ministry mean when a church faces a fiscal crisis, whether moderate or severe, and what's the pastor's responsibility?

These seven articles help you know what to do when financial strain hits. You'll learn money saving strategies, tips for getting the right loan, and advice on how to bring in money.

Table of Contents:

The Coffer Crunch
What happens to ministry when money is in short supply?
A Leadership Interview

Preaching That Promotes Giving
Proclaiming the truth of the Bible means talking about money.
Joseph M. Stowell

Tight Money Strategies
Six ways to balance when the budget goes red.
Stephen B. Box

Crunch Time
Tips on collecting pledges, funding emergencies, and financial integrity.
Richard Shaw

Strapped for Cash?
Ideas for helping your church raise the money it needs.
Marlene Heller

Tips for Getting the Right Loan
Six important steps for your church when it needs to borrow.
Chuck Clynes

Paying Less for the Same Items
A savvy church can save money by purchasing what it needs for less.
the editors of Leadership

$ 7.99

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