Developing a Culture of Stewardship



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Money: it's the consistent question mark in the life of many churches. Do we talk about it too much? Do we talk about it enough? How do we talk about it without making people feel like they're being pumped for all they have? The Bible has a lot to say about money, and if we're not addressing it well we're depriving our people?and our churches?of all that God has for our lives, and our finances.

This 25-page resource is designed to help you address the spiritual implications of money and create a church culture that values joyful, sacrificial giving.

Table of Contents:

Creating a Culture of Generosity
Give and you will receive.
Nelson Searcy

Giving Is for Everyone
How to teach generosity across the economic spectrum.
Patrick Johnson

Developing Generous Givers
Communicate a prayerful, intentional challenge.
Wayne Pohl

Helping People Give with Joy
Understand the motives and reasons people give.
Fred Smith, Sr.

The Giving Challenge
A revolutionary tool.
Nelson Searcy

The Moneywise Pastor
The importance of being involved.
Gary Fenton

Igniting Steward Leaders (free sample)
Good stewards are good leaders.
Chris McDaniel

$ 14.99

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