Creative Fundraising Ideas



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Fundraising in ministry is often seen as a necessary evil. But as John R. Frank says in this training tool, fundraising at its best is "involving God's people in God's work." Plus, it should remind us that we rely on God in all of our ministry.

We need the right perspective for fundraising, but sometimes we could also use a creative spark. The articles in this 20-page resource are designed to give you both—some perspective and a lot of ideas. Use them to involve more of God's people in His work.

Table of Contents:

Is Fundraising Part of God's Plan?
Embrace the value of the process.
by John R. Frank

Fundraising, Skill-Raising
Do your fundraisers prepare its participants for what's ahead?
by Tim Avery

Changing Neighborhood, Changing Ministry
Renting out space didn't just help pay the bills, it opened kingdom doors.
by Greg Taylor with Lance Newsom

Forecasting Your Fundraising
6 signs tell you when the time is right.
by G.C. Brown with Karen Moderow

Financing by Faith
How one church met its capital campaign goal without traditional methods.
by Shirley Pieters Vogel

3 Fresh Ideas for Fundraising
Consider these outside-the-box approaches.
by Dave Jackson and Audrey Carli

Why We Stopped Passing the Offering Plate
Let people give on Sunday mornings when they are ready.
by Dennis Sawyer

Brainstorming Youth Group Fundraisers (free sample)
Jump-start your thinking with these 56 ideas.
by Tim Schmoyer

Inspired Fundraising in Tough Times
Use these tested strategies for single campaigns or to foster continuous giving.
by Lee A. Dean

$ 14.99

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