Setting Goals and Measuring Results



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Setting goals and measuring results leads to a healthier church and allows your leaders to be more focused. These handouts guide your team through making new goals or reviewing established ones. Larry Osborne shares how to know if a goal is worth the risk. And Donald Seibert tells us how to effectively administer your church's goals, moving them from theory to action. Also included are pointers for evaluating your church's success.

Table of Contents:

How Shall We Evaluate Ourselves?
5 ministry goals from the mouth of Jesus.
Gene Getz

The Goal Is to Focus
Setting goals focuses your church toward purpose, growth, and celebration.
with Paul Johnson

Measuring Your Success
Are you measuring results by trustworthy criteria?
Stuart Briscoe

5 Goals for Struggling Churches
These transitions mark progress on the road to recovery.
Drew Wilkerson

Is the Goal Worth the Risk?
5 questions to guide prudent goal setting.
Larry Osborne

Too Many Goals, Too Little Time
Is your to-do list too long? Tame it.
Grant McDowell

Dreaming Too Small
A goal worth dreaming over may be the goal worth going after.
Arthur DeKruyter

Team Ministry Goals
Working together in leadership requires sharing more than responsibilities.
Wayne Schmidt

Escaping the Numbers Trap
The goal to get bigger isn't always best.
Kevin Miller

Measure What Matters
How can a church measure heart transformation?
Mike Bonem

5 Essential Questions
Answer these questions to define your goals and priorities.
Roger Jenks

$ 19.99

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