Church Staffing Essentials



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For those who handle your church staff, these handouts will prove helpful. Each of the 10 handouts provide instruction to keep your staff healthy and growing, and includes advice on the sometimes touchy subjects of hiring and firing.

Table of Contents:

Healthy Hiring
Use these seven steps to help you find the best employees.
Anita Goldman Horning

Hiring from the Corporate World
5 principles to help leaders in business become effective in church.
Jeanine Parolini

Should You Hire a Church Member?
Some warnings and advice about filling church jobs from within.
Steve Marr

Setting a Pastor's Salary
3 ways to determine a fair salary, with perks.
Norman Adamson

Create a Great Place to Work
Is your church a place where people love their jobs?
John R. Throop

Develop Your Church Staff
Staff development doesn't just happen; a leader must purposefully orchestrate it.
Glen Kreun

Make Your Staff Accountable
Everybody reports to somebody.
Steve Marr

Creating an Employee Handbook
A good employee handbook can be your best friend.
Kathleen J. Turpin

Keeping It Legal
What you should know about hiring and firing.
Gayla Postma

Take the Backfire Out of Firing
Minimize the pain of this difficult but necessary action.
Stephen P. Chawaga

$ 14.99

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