Cultivating Long-Term Volunteers



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Volunteers always start out serving with the best of intentions. They arrive full of passion for mission, a heart to serve, and a desire to connect. But over time this enthusiasm fades and many volunteers end up quitting, burned out by the pressures of ministry. But it doesn't have to be like this! A good leader can work alongside his or her volunteers to help keep that enthusiasm alive, feeding both the ministry and the volunteers themselves.

This 20-page resource is designed to help you develop and train volunteers who will dig into the work of your ministry and stick with it for years to come.

Table of Contents:

Leading Volunteers
Those we lead need to know we care about all aspects of their lives.
interview with Nancy Beach

What Volunteers Want
Keeping your crew content isn't as hard as you think.
Ted Harro

Caregiver Care
Church leaders can be viewed either as workers to fill slots or as fellow ministers who need special care commensurate with their added responsibilities.
Bruce Larson

Preventing Volunteer Burnout
Three biblical models for effective, lasting ministry.
Robert Morgan

Holding Volunteers Accountable
Should we just be grateful for whatever they do?
Sue Mallory

Firing Volunteers
Nobody wants to, but sometimes you have to.
Timothy Schenk

$ 14.99

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