Cultivating Team Unity



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Is your team unified? What does it really mean to have a unified team? In this resource, Larry Osborne and other leadership experts help you understand what it means to function as a unified team and implement practices that will bring your team together for more effective ministry.

This 17-page resource has articles that offer insights and practices to help you build an effective ministry team and establish a cohesive attitude among team members.

Table of Contents:

Understanding Unity (free sample)
Three keys to cultivating unity within your team.
Larry Osborne

Guarding the Gate
Protecting your team from disruptive members.
Larry Osborne

Walking in Step
Elders and ministers can lead together successfully if they share these four priorities.
Ben Merold

Reaching Better Team Decisions
How to make important choices without dividing the group.
Stephen Lim

Teamwork Ground Rules
Ten keys to an effective ministry.
Stephen A. Bly

Team Work
Keys to fostering a team spirit.
Rich Muchow

Creating a Leadership-Oriented Team
Things to consider before assembling a leadership team.
Larry Osborne

All I Have is Second String
Turning B-players into an A-team.
John Arnold

$ 14.99

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