Doable Evangelism



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Evangelizing doesn't have to be difficult. Learn how simple acts of kindness become doable evangelism. Use these handouts, which include strategies on how to get a conversation started and capture the attention of others to give you confidence and put others at ease.

Table of Contents:

Ordinary Attempts
Simple acts of kindness become doable evangelism for the rest of us.

Getting Started
Learn a series of practices that will give you confidence and put others at ease.

Practice 1: The Free Attention Giveaway
Practice listening, ask the right questions, and proceed slowly.

Practice 2: The Four-Question Survey
Evangelize with your ears.

Practice 3: Prayer Attempts
Missing people prefer prayer to preaching.

Practice 4: Get Lost for a Day
Be more willing to be misunderstood by the missing than by those already found.

Practice 5: Be Unusually Interested in Someone
People crave attention. Give it away, and they'll find it hard to resist.

Practice 6: Become a Spiritual Advisor
Be alert for a special offer to partner with someone's spiritual search.

Practice 7: Pay Them for Their Opinions
Build a bridge to someone without them knowing it.

$ 14.99

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