Engaging Evangelism



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In this theme, you will find articles to challenge your church's approach to evangelism. An interview with Brian McLaren focuses on how to bring the gospel to a postmodern audience. Other articles give tips on how to make visitors feel welcome and involved ('"Report from a Church Visitor"). An assessment helps your church evaluate its readiness for evangelism ('"Marks of an Evangelistic Church").

Table of Contents:

Evangelism Is God's Job First
Then he includes us in the work.
Lon Allison

Evangelizing People Today
How to share your faith when people don't know even the basics of Christianity.
with Brian McLaren

4 Myths about Evangelism
And the truth about how churches can effectively witness.
James Emery White

3 Questions for Evangelists
Defining your role in the work of evangelism.
Rick Weinert

Marks of an Evangelistic Church
6 ways to stoke the evangelistic fervor of your people.
Eric Reed

Trouble in the Parking Lot
How could we witness to troubled teens?
Blayne Greiner and Gail Welborn

Becoming a Slave to Save
We can't hoard the blessing; we owe it to others to share them.
Oswald Chambers

Report from a Church Visitor
4 ways to make our church more visitor friendly.
Jennifer Smith-Morris

How to Share Your Faith
You don't need special gifts, but you do need to care.
Jonathan Tran

Introducing the Gospel
How to help people who are searching for the spiritual.
James Emery White

Our Church's Readiness to Evangelize
A tool to determine where we are and how to move forward.
J. Mack Stiles

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