Evangelism Assessment Pack



$ 9.99
This pack features 8 quality assessment tools from the Reaching People, Missions, Becoming Outward-Focused, Trends & Culture, and Engaging Evangelism Training Themes. Use them with your team to evaluate your church's current priority toward evangelism and learn how to take the next steps. Also teach your congregation to be more open and prepared for reaching people who don't know Jesus. Each assessment conveniently fits on one page, so they're easy to print, copy, and hand out.

Table of Contents:

Turning Conversion into Commitment
4 questions to strengthen our evangelism efforts.
Win Arn & Charles Arn

Are We Accomplishing the Great Commission?
People have limited time; is any time going to outreach?
Dann Spader and Gary Mayes

A Healthy Heart for Outreach
5 vital signs.
Nancy Beach

8 Reasons People Don't Share Their Faith
And how to overcome them.
Mark Mittelberg

Entering the World Outside the Church
2 ways you can relate to others.
Walt Kallestad

4 Myths about Evangelism
And the truth about how churches can effectively witness.
James Emery White

3 Questions for Evangelists
Defining your role in the work of evangelism.
Rick Weinert

Marks of an Evangelistic Church
6 ways to stoke the evangelistic fervor of your people.
Eric Reed

$ 9.99

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